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01/04/2007, 11:20am, EDT

sunday, april 1
iPhone will 'not be coming to Europe'

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, has announced that the iPhone will 'not be coming to Europe' due to 'legality issues'.

"It is clear that the European Union are not going to allow this product."

When asked to elaborate on said issues, Jobs said: "The Wi-Fi standard that the iPhone uses, 802.11b/g, has not been taken up by a lot of European countries. As such, we're not allowed to ship the iPhone to the continent."

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193833 03/29, 10:45am, EDT tool
this guy has no clue what he is talking about

posted by sixcolors

193834 03/29, 10:46am, EDT Don't click his link!!!
He's just trying to get hits! Don't go to his original article.

If he were actually serious, he should get checked into the psych ward for all the crazy stories he writes.

Dvorak is more of a fiction/fantacy writer than tech journalist.

What a goob.

posted by Smurfman

193836 03/29, 10:47am, EDT I thought...
that everyone was just being overly critical of this guy, but my Gods, he's George Bush stupid!

posted by garmonbosia

193837 03/29, 10:50am, EDT hits are low
I guess Dvor-jerk's site has low hits this month, so he writes something he obviously pulled out of his @ss to get hits. What a complete moron this guy is.

posted by nativeNYer

193838 03/29, 10:52am, EDT Oh, great...
So a man who has consistently never been right about anything concerning Apple is advising Apple to abandon the iPhone. Who's surprised here? Did the folks at PC magazine forget Dvorak's rant about Apple's supposed plan to abandon the Mac OS and put MS WinBlows on their Intel Macs instead? How often does Steve Jobs take what Dvorak says to heart? I'm guessing none. How this guy is still employed by any serious computer publication is beyond me- maybe he should go work for The Star.

Q: How can you tell that John Dvorak is about to make a fool of himself again? A: When his mouth is moving.

posted by tsmelker

193839 03/29, 10:57am, EDT Crazy dribble...
The part Dvorak is missing is his entire take on Apple's strategy. If Apple were into fighting w/ price and features like everyone else, then sure, they would be up against a big fight against the likes of Nokia and Motorola. However, Apple may only have 5%, but that is a profiitable 5% in the computer market. The same as Steve has compared in the past to BMW. Consumers are much less price-sensitive at the higher end where Apple plays.

So not only can they be profitable in the higher end phone space, but that is not all. Unlike any manufacturer before it, Apple is in the business of shifting the phone paradigm to where it is in control of the whole experience.

I mean, how well would landlines and internet have worked had everything you could do w/ the internet had been provided by your ISP, not very well. Verizon/Spring/Cingular/T-Mobile have controlled everything as the wireless networks. But I think Apple is in the midst of resigning the wireless carriers into the wireless ISPs and phone companies they should be, where they provide the bandwidth, and the consumer is left to do whatever they want, and download songs/ringtones/msging from where ever they want.

So far Moto/Nokia have been willing to play the wireless carriers game, but Apple is not willing to go that route. So while they are entering a crowded market, they are changing the market, thus making them a pioneer again, and where the stalwarts are at risk of being left behind in their own market.

To say nothing of Apple needing to get in and defend their iPod position against the encroachment of music playing phones, which must be done, if only to give an alternative w/in the Apple camp.


posted by pysan

193840 03/29, 10:58am, EDT You've Got To Be Kidding!
John is a columnist writing on technology, yet doesn't seem to get it that it is the creative invention/use of technology that allows innovative business success. Every success, Apple or otherwise, risks the company's reputation. If it didn't, then it wasn't that creative. Look at Xerox, who wouldn't risk its reputation on its PARC creations (I know, I was there and somewhat involved) I don't know if the iPhone will be a success, but just reading news articles, it has already changed the industry's thinking about the importance of and the thinking about what it has to do toward easing the user's experience with cell phones. That is a success in and of itself.

Besides, I keep looking at the iPhone and keep thnking: just a few changes and Apple has an Einstein ( my name for the successor to the Newton)

posted by fsauer1

193841 03/29, 10:59am, EDT This just in
..Dvorak is new CEO of Apple! Click my link to read the full story. No link, just making a shock journalist attempt.

posted by burger

193842 03/29, 10:59am, EDT 1 good point
His point that the phone may be successful initially but out of fashion after 3 months is somewhat valid. Fashion phones typically are hot for about that time period. BUT he forgets to mention price in relation to fashion/hotness.

Witness the razr, lg chocolate, etc. They were initially hot fashion phones and commanded a high price. Once the buzz died down, the price started dropping and the masses kept buying more. The razr was on the market for how many years before it was even revised?

I think Apple priced the iphone at a good point. It allows for some exclusivity at the outset and once the buzz dies down (if it ever does) it gives some leeway for price drops to keep demand up.

One thing to worry about though is that Apple doesn't drop pricepoints. They increase functionality but keep the same price.

posted by cmoney

193843 03/29, 11:01am, EDT Dvorak never stops...
This guy is FAMOUS for trolling in Mac users. All he wants is hits on his website. It's what keeps him going as a journalist. He says something totally abrasive to mac users and somehow they are all forced to click his link. Don't be fooled. He hardly ever reveals what he's really thinking. I'm certain he writes the opposite of what he truly feels.

posted by migs647

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